Portfolio Project Highlights


Google Winter Wonderlab

October to December 2013

Designed and developed 5-day training conference and experience to on-board Brand Advocate and Management staff to support Google's Winter Wonderlab, a first-of-its-kind pop-up retail experience.

Training included Google brand and culture, Google product knowledge and demonstration skills, Wonderlab experience, operational support, and customer journey.


The Result:


Android Lollipop-ups

2015 Mobile World Congress

Designed and developed on boarding, product, and customer experience training for Brand Advocates representing Android in the Lollipop-up Booths at 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Deliverables included instructor led training and one page info sheets.


The Result:


PRO Leadership Conference

October 2017

Designed, developed, and led team efforts to produce 3-day operational Leadership Conference in which Service King premiered new multi-year enterprise standardization project to leaders.


The Result:

  • 5+ hrs of general session content, 12+ hrs of breakout session content
  • "Best conference our organization has ever had." -Sr Operational Leader